“Well, while I’m here I’ll do the work – and what’s the work? To ease the pain of living. Everything else – drunken dumbshow.”

~ Allen Ginsberg

Below are some of the comments I have received from clients. Their challenges appear in bold for each testimonial:

Depression and Anxiety following head injuries

As much of a struggle I've had with depression and anxiety since my concussions, I am beyond thankful for it putting me on the path to find Elizabeth. My sessions with her doing direct neurofeedback have put me in a mental space that I would've deemed impossible a year ago. For the first time since I can remember, I am waking up looking forward to my days; no longer am I dreading them. I don't feel the painful anxiety of social situations anymore, and I am now enjoying human interaction like I did prior to my concussions. Clarity put me back in the driver's seat of my thoughts and emotions. I can't thank Elizabeth enough for helping me get there.

~ G.R. writer, film student, Portland, OR

PTSD, Depression, Anxiety

“Elizabeth Sloan has transformed my life through her Grounded Alignment practice. I keep hearing the words “I’ve been reborn” in my mind, because I have been – through doing her exercises, reading the books she’s given me, and utilizing the tools she’s put together. 

My day-to-day anxiety and depression are gone and have been replaced with love, wonder, delight, and appreciation for everything. I used to loop past trauma, various falling-outs with people, and uncomfortable stories in my mind over and over. It was an inescapable feedback loop that I think I’ve lived with for over 20 years; always humming in the background. Just a couple of days ago, I suddenly realized that all my feedback loops have vanished. I have stopped turning these traumatic memories in my mind. I’ve stopped being angry. I’ve stopped feeling inadequate. I’ve stopped worrying and being afraid of so much. I have this new, unoccupied space within me that’s available for warmth and lovely things.

Another exciting thing: my intuition is stronger, deeper, and so readily accessible. I use it all day with every decision and interaction. It feels like I have acquired magical powers. 

Elizabeth Sloan is a healer and I am forever grateful for her.” 

~ M, artist, musician, Portland, OR

Anxiety, PTSD

Elizabeth brings her warm and caring nature to each session as she skillfully assesses what is appropriate for your brain. There is a careful balance to be struck between over- and under-treatment and she is very conscientious about not delivering more than your system is ready to handle.

After just a few treatments, I noticed a huge difference in my mood and brain function. I'm much calmer in the face of stressors and can actually remember (most of the time) why I walked into a room. Now we space treatments as needed for maintenance. I highly recommend Elizabeth and the fabulous support of Clarity Direct Neurofeedback.

~ DH, LMT, Portland, OR


“I am so glad I met Elizabeth and decided to try direct neurofeedback. My issues had more to do with recognizing that I was just wasting too much time.  While there is much to be anxious about, I also feel that I know the contribution I want to be making, but just kept stalling out. I began to feel better and more productive almost immediately. I’m getting more done in a day, and I have also been able to finally find the motivation to lose weight. I really do feel that direct neurofeedback has helped me a great deal; kept me calmer and more focused on my goals. And it is always such a pleasure to talk with Elizabeth and report on my progress. I absolutely recommend it.”

~ LL, Portland, OR

Anxiety, PTSD, Depression

“I will be forever grateful for the relief Elizabeth helped provide with my neurofeedback sessions. It was the first time I'd felt like myself in a long time. Neurofeedback was a tool I didn't know existed and it helped calm my anxiety and reduce my depression like nothing had before. I hope more people try it out! Time with Elizabeth is a healing experience.”

~ Amanda B., Newberg, OR


“I have been seeing Elizabeth at Meridian for Clarity Direct Neurofeedback for about a month now. Elizabeth has a very calming, soothing way about her. She makes sure you are comfortable and that you understand the process. It is simple and subtle. Yet each time I have gone for a treatment I have left feeling so relaxed and calm, almost sleepy. For days after the treatment, things that would normally "freak me out" don't seem to have an effect. The treatment is amazing and Elizabeth is wonderful. I highly recommend this if you want relief from anxiety.”

~ C.S., Coach, Portland, OR

Anxiety, PTSD

“I am so happy about my results. It felt so good to have that relief. I can’t thank you enough; I truly appreciate your help! We look forward to seeing you again.”

~ J.K., Business Owner, Puyallup, WA

Food Addiction, Panic Attacks, Mood Swings

“I feel like I’ve been in a haze for the last nine months and that I’m finally seeing myself out. And I have the motivation and determination to fix things. Thank you.”

~ M.B., Care Assistant, Tacoma, WA

 Anxiety, Depression, PTSD from childhood traumas. (edited from multiple communications)

“I have been good; actually great. I have felt happy, motivated and energetic since treatment…..as far as my anger goes, I feel more in control of it and my happiness is definitely outweighing depression or anxiety……I was completely unbothered by the fireworks this year, which usually is a really really big deal and scares me a lot…….I’m not feeling scared as I normally would being in a house alone……I feel more like an adult…..I’m starting to feel like I can take care of myself as an adult vs. having someone take care of me as if I were still a child…”

~ A.G., Nursing Assistant, E. Bonney, WA