One of the modalities I use in my work is a form of direct neurofeedback called Clarity. As it is a relatively unknown type of neurofeedback, here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Does clarity direct neurofeedback (CDN) help everyone who has one or more of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD or brain injury?

CDN has shown a very high overall success rate (80-90%) with the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, anxiety, mental fog and depression. Clients have reported other beneficial effects such as: relaxation, clarity of vision (not consistently), improved sleep, ease of some physical symptoms and greater emotional resilience. 

what is the fee per session?

Starting in June 2019, the first two sessions will be as a package priced $200. The initial session includes a detailed intake so it will take 55 minutes. (Follow-up sessions are 25 minutes). When it has been established that the modality is effective for your symptoms, you will be offered the option of purchasing a non-refundable package of sessions that will give a further discount. Lasting recovery requires a commitment to continued sessions until the results become enduring (usually between 15-20 sessions), spread out over time.

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How many sessions are needed and how often do I get them?

CDN usually becomes enduring after 15-20 sessions. The effects are often noticeable during or shortly after the first appointment. Initially, it is recommended that the client attends two appointments a week. The benefits are cumulative, so initially receiving more sessions more closely together ultimately means that the client requires fewer overall appointments. After the first month or so, depending on the client’s response, the appointments start to get more spaced apart until further treatment is usually not needed.



Is it safe?

Neurofeedback meets the AACP’s criteria for “Clinical Guidelines” for the treatment of symptoms in ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, depression and fibromyalgia. With “direct” neurofeedback you can see a significant difference in symptoms of feeling overly overly cautious, uncomfortable around new people and being hesitant to try new things.

Does Clarity Direct Neurofeedback replace the work I am doing with my therapist or physician?

If it is helpful you should continue to work with your therapist.  CDN is not classified a medical treatment. It is an adjunct to mainstream medicine and not meant to replace it. You should continue to work with your physician or whomever else is following you medically. You will not be given advice on prescriptions or medical matters by your neurofeedback practitioner. Only your doctor can make changes to your prescribed medication.


is direct neurofeedback covered by my insurance?

Direct neurofeedback is not classified as a medical treatment, so please talk to your physician about a diagnosis that would be applicable to your particular circumstances. We have received referrals in the past for sessions paid via FSA account. We would provide you with a super-bill or statement if requested. and ask your insurance company which diagnoses they recognize for neurofeedback.