Heart and mind coherence

Heart and mind coherence

About Grounded Alignment

You may know what it feels like to have grounded alignment. It’s when everything feels “right”. You're calm, focused and in harmony with yourself and the world. Some would call this happiness or Flow but there’s more to it than that. It doesn’t rely on outside circumstances so much as inner solid ground. Most of us have experienced this, if only in fleeting moments. Where does that come from? From an optimized body, mind and spirit alignment that puts you in a strong position to live the best life possible. Let me explain.


Please read about the microbiome and the relationship between the body’s microbiota and a healthy brain. Ailments, chronic diseases, pain from injury and inflammation – all these can affect your mood and disposition. Gut flora and microbiome can be disrupted by antibiotics or a poor diet. I recommend that you work with a licensed naturopathic doctor or other qualified medical practitioner to address physical issues.


For the brain to support a healthy emotional life along with the gut, it needs to be working well. This requires proper nutrition, a healthy microbiome and an uncompromised configuration. How about some more unusual tools? You can essentially reboot your brain just like you do with a computer using frequencies. Very often, you can see results at the first session, or at least within the first three sessions. 


Humanity’s yearning for connection with higher consciousness has been a strong part of who we are for millennia. Every advanced human society has had its forms of connection with Source, the Divine, Consciousness, however you choose to name it.  We’re a pretty tribal bunch, so the community that is found in churches and temples feels like second nature to many. But some people find the structure of religion uncomfortable. The core desire is to feel at peace in the soul. That often comes with a connection to a higher power, in whatever form you feel that exists for you.

About Elizabeth

My own experiences with depression, anxiety and PTSD led me to try direct neurofeedback in 2014. The results were dramatic and have been long-lasting and life-changing.

I completed training in Los Angeles, CA, and started practice in Oregon in 2018. I have also been introducing clients to other methods that have reinforced the beneficial effects of direct neurofeedback. I have become certified in the HeartMind® method and attained Reiki level II (currently studying for master level). I am also certified in EFT, EFT Energy and TFT. I recently became a certified NLP practitioner and in June 2019, I graduated from the Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening.

But the most important thing is that I have learned how to be in love with my own life and I can teach that to others. I truly believe that any personal challenge can be overcome.

I combine attention to all these factors in my work. The physical elements are taken care of with your own trusted practitioner. I am quite clear with my clients that I’m not a physician. But I am fully trained and certified in the modalities I use and an ordained minister to boot. 

I have a practice in a beautiful clinic in Tigard, OR, a few minutes from Portland. I also work with individuals in the entertainment industry who are facing the pressures of visibility and tough schedules. These pressures can become intolerable when there are existing symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD.

I’m thrilled with the results my clients are seeing. Please see some of their own words about their experiences here.