True Peacefulness of Mind


Bringing you to solid ground

The Grounded Alignment work incorporates tools and practices from several disciplines, combined with a new form of direct neurofeedback to:

  • allow the brain to work efficiently

  • develop a grounding coherence between the heart’s frequencies and the brain’s

  • learn tools that will pull the client out of situations involving trauma, depression and anxiety.

Some of the most challenging issues we can face as humans are: depression, anxiety and trauma. The effects of these symptoms can be devastating. They can hold us back from living our greatest possible lives. What would change in your life if you felt fully present as yourself? What would you do, feel or say differently?

Deep, long-lasting change can happen when you bring yourself into Grounded Alignment – alignment with the frequencies that serve your highest good.

Grounded Alignment work includes following a number of proven practices which, combined with direct neurofeedback, build a harmonious relationship with your own life. When you are on solid ground, anything is possible.