Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

I am pure presence. Awareness. The higher consciousness expresses itself through me. I’m a unique expression of Divine Consciousness. My experiences have value to the whole. Just as I learn and expand through interaction with life’s lessons, the consciousness that inhabits all things is elevated by my experience.

When I bring my attention and light to the world, I light it up. I am here for a reason. I bring great gifts with me. I honor those gifts for myself and for the joy they bring to others. This is my truth.

I value my integrity above all other gifts. I notice when I disconnect, even slightly, from love, honesty, gratitude, kindness, patience, or compassion. I can feel a shift away from my true self. Reconnection is bliss. Connection itself is bliss.

I am in tune with the reminders of the wonder of being alive. My appreciation of the gleam of light in a splash of water is a vibrational love poem from my soul to Higher Consciousness.

I don’t think I am all this. I know I am all this. I am all this. I am.

Elizabeth Sloan