For Musicians and Artists

Why would a troubled musician need me?

Backstage, on stage, on the bus, in the green room, on location, in the studio, on set, in the makeup room – I spent decades holding nurturing, supportive roles in the entertainment industry. I’m familiar with the demands as well as the euphoric moments. I understand the etiquette. Not only do I know what it’s like to be in a band but also how that feels with anxiety, depression and lingering trauma. I didn’t follow through with my musical career but I’m pretty sure it would have killed me if I had. I have endless respect and admiration for creative souls who have persevered with their vision even if they are suffering.


I know that creativity often comes hand in hand with feeling life deeply. As many as 73% of musicians report suffering from emotional issues. Music reflects the poignancy of our emotions. Every addict and alcoholic I have ever adored has started their relationship with drugs because they felt life too acutely and wanted to ease the sharp edges. Or rise above pain or exhaustion. Or just have the energy to walk on stage, often battling to conquer stage-fright or performance anxiety. Rarely for just recreational reasons. I have seen the battle firsthand and I feel driven to be of service in this arena.

I am experienced in dealing with trauma, depression and anxiety. I have lived with these things in my own psyche and I have shifted them for myself and others. I’m well-versed in the ways of the music industry and the film industry, having worked in both fields for many years. I’ve also been a creative artist myself and I know that the yearning for artistic expression is often accompanied by deep emotional pain. I am serious about easing the anguish of life and I get results.

Here’s what I’m bringing:

Direct neurofeedback – a micro-current stimulation that disrupts brain waves that are stuck in depression, anxiety or trauma, allowing the brain to function free of these constraints.

Infrared light: stimulates the nerve endings under the nails and has been shown to relieve anxiety, improve disposition and ease physical pain. 

I am also trained and certified in EFT/TFT, NLP, Reiki and Heart-Mind practices. I recently graduated from Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening and I am an ordained minister (non-denominational) – I bring a deep, spiritual presence to my work.

In my Grounded Alignment work, the client and I use an effective, focused writing program based on proven techniques that use the power of the unconscious mind to help you fall in love with life and become invincible.

Every time I see another of our high-profile brothers or sisters (like Keith Flint, Avicii or Kate Spade) take their own life because of depression or back out of a show due to anxiety (James Arthur), or others with PTSD (like Ariana Grande or the Eagles of Death Metal), I know my place is supporting those souls. Not least because I know that when they feel that release from their symptoms, they can share with their followers that life can be delicious. We can teach them how to get there. The conversation about mental well-being is finally coming out into the open.

Elizabeth Sloan