It's Safe to Love Yourself and Your Life

Sometimes, when you are putting your trust in a person you love or want to love, you might feel reluctant to give them too much of your heart as they may let you down or hurt you. Especially if you have been betrayed in the past.

Falling in love with life is the umbrella policy for being in love with everything, including difficult people and situations. It’s safe to trust life and yourself – your own interactions with life, as you are only ever building a solid foundation, not giving anything away at all. It’s an investment. Yes, people are often driven by the needs of their own egos and the limiting patterns that come with them. Including you and me. That’s why human behavior can be so disappointing. But Divine Consciousness is infinite. Infinitely loving, infinitely forgiving, infinitely accepting. You cannot disappoint Divine Consciousness because you are part of it. You are part of Consciousness that is constantly evolving and examining itself, so there is no “wrong” in that.

The more you build a loving frequency and a kind and accepting relationship with life, the stronger your faith in yourself becomes. You find yourself recovering more quickly from upsets and disappointments, which will continue to arise because that’s how life is. It’s how we respond to these challenges that counts.

How quickly can you re-center? How do you use challenges to make yourself stronger and to affirm to yourself how you can re-align with your strongest frequencies of love and highest self? How soon can you recognize the magic again?

It’s about having the road map available to pull out and use easily. Getting your bearings, reminding yourself who you are and where you are in relation to the world. The physical world expanded into the sacred world. Tapping, Heart-Mind coherence, re-framing, grounding; all of these are the tools that bring you back to the highest, most loving configuration of your conscious self.

So, even though life sometimes sends challenges and lessons, it still loves you and the way to respond to the lessons is to accept them for what they are and not feel like life is rejecting you or criticizing you. Once you’re in your right frequency field, your perspective changes. Gaze at the challenge in whatever form it takes, accept it for what it is, and embrace it if you can. Whatever the nature of the challenge, it’s just a form of unexpected frequency but once you get used to wrangling unexpected frequencies, it becomes a matter of course that you can prevail in your strongest configuration no matter what. This approach to challenges is just allowing you to grow and strengthen your resolve to be the brightest, clearest manifestation of your own frequency.