In my work, I address certain symptoms that may appear as the following:


“I didn’t ask for this life or this feeling. Nothing seems to have any value to me. I cannot feel love or joy. To me, life isn’t a gift – it’s an imposition. Why are other people enjoying themselves and having a great time? Are they all pretending as well? When I hear about someone dying I envy them. I often find myself not wanting to ever have been alive; not to be looked at or commented on.”


“I have a hideous gargoyle perched on my shoulder; its claws in my back. If anything reminds me of the traumatic event, the claws sink a little deeper into my flesh. I feel ill and ashamed. My brain stops working as I become overwhelmed. I’m constantly on alert for something terrible to happen. I wish I could free myself from this and stop revisiting the source of the trauma. It won’t leave me alone as I try to get to sleep. My mind keeps going back to the trauma and trying to fix it. I have to read until the sleeping pill kicks in and I can drift off. Talking about it doesn’t help at all. I know it isn’t rational, so I can’t rationalize it to anyone else and I don’t want to hear anyone tell me it’s OK.”


“Every nerve in my mind and body is on edge. It’s almost impossible to concentrate on anything in a calm way. My heart starts to pound. I forget to breathe sometimes and then I have to gasp for air. My mind is racing ahead to the next threat; the next challenge.”

Other descriptions of symptoms I have heard from my clients include: darkness, dread, gloom, disconnection, mental fog, unexplained nausea or vomiting, other digestive issues and other manifestations of emotional disruption.

Using a combination of frequency work and techniques for heart/mind coherence, I mentor my clients to a place of grounded alignment so that they can feel a true connection with a highest self, an authentic purpose. A connection with Presence and Awareness can lead to self-acceptance and self-love. From this place, a feeling of peace and connection comes more easily.

I understand many of the issues and challenges myself, from the inside, and we address them together as I facilitate the improvements in a compassionate, supportive role.

Please be aware that I am not a physician. The work I do may complement other treatments or therapies you are using but it does not replace the care of a qualified, licensed medical practitioner.